Spanish artist Natasha Dubalia moved to the UK five years ago where she has since been working as a project engineer.
Constantly woken in the night by visions of bigger things, she has spent the last few years exploring her own creativity. Learning to understand how movement can heal through the contemporary dance and how, vulnerability goes hand in hand with true artistry.
Living by her own mantra: expression is the art of communication, she is constantly encouraging others to explore and pursue their inner passions.
You can find her dancing under the rain, singing to herself on a random train or creating poems of the future in her phone-notes.


Palm Trees and Rain

Palm Trees and Rain is Natasha’s collection of thoughts, poetry and contemporary dance.

available now

The thing about emotions
is that they are unforeseeable
precisely like the seasons
they come
and stay
they last
until they change
they might go
appearing to dissipate
(but) they endlessly
– as if they were never gone